Altitude ARENA Supply Side Platform

Altitude ARENA™ is a programmatic platform and suite of tools that enables publishers to amplify revenue and simplify ad operations through technology that increases demand competition and improves fill rates.

  • Automated Demand Competition Engine: Data-driven logic determines how to allocate impressions to competing demand partners (SSPs, DSPs, Exchanges, Networks, Agencies) based on eCPM.

  • Video RTB: Programmatic buyers compete against other publisher demand sources inside ARENA’s competition engine in real-time.

  • Advanced Impression Recovery: AIR technology detects errors and impression losses that occur between video advertising systems.

  • Unified Yield Optimization: Continuous optimization for both video and display in a single platform.

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Altitude Debuts on comScore

Top 10 Video Advertising Networks

Top 100 Digital Employers

Built in Colorado


Publishing Summit 2015

March 25 - 27, Vail, CO

Mobile World Congress

Mar 2 - 5, Barcelona, Spain

AdMonsters Publisher Forum

March 1-4, Sonoma, CA

IAB Leadership

February 2015