The following are frequently asked questions we typically answer any given day. Please contact us if you have a specific question not listed below.

Ad Terms

Many advertisers only want a unique visitor to see the same ad a few times within a set period of time. For publishers this means finding the best ad targeting possible to maximize the revenue you receive within the frequency cap. Frequency caps are typically three impressions per each unique visitor within a 24-hour period.
The floor price determines the minimum “cost per thousand ads that are shown” value of the ad being displayed in an ad tag on your website. If you set a floor price for an ad tag, consider adding a passback tag to ensure that you continue to show ads to your readers if Altitude Digital doesn't have an ad at your requested price.
A passback tag is an ad tag you provide to us that gets used in the event Altitude Digital ads aren't available at your specified floor price. Whenever you set a floor price (minimum CPM you want to receive) it is important to provide an alternative tag so you can optimize the monetization of that ad placement. A passback (or alternate/ default) tag can be an ad tag that you received from any other online ad provider that you work with. For instance, if you already have a relationship with Rubicon or Pubmatic, you can give us that ad tag. If Altitude Digital can't find an ad at your specified price, we will serve your reader one of the other tags.
Any area of a Web page that is viewable without the viewer having to use the vertical scroll bar. It can also be described as the ad default location where an ad appears on a website. Ad space in this area is usually more expensive because it is more likely to be viewed by the visitor.
A fill rate is the percentage of time an ad shows. A rev share fill rate is more than 90%, which means an ad will be shown a minimum of 90% of the time.
An ad tag is a piece of code that communicates with ad servers on the internet to serve advertisements (ads) on your website.
Advertisers purchase ads by something known as Cost Per Millia or most commonly referred to as CPM. CPM just means the cost per thousand ads shown, or displayed. Ad campaigns vary so the CPM's vary as well depending on the advertiser’s target audience. When all of these campaigns run on your site they blend into an "effective" CPM or eCPM. Expect an eCPM to fluctuate day-to-day as different campaigns run and vary.

Commonly Asked Questions

That’s not a problem. We can work in conjunction with any of your other existing ad partners. In fact, Altitude Digital has no history of conflicts with other provider “Terms of Service” agreements. Our goal is to make you as much money as possible.
The amount of money you make depends on size, demographics and your site’s readership. We have direct partnerships with every major player in the industry - ad agencies, trading desks, DSPs, ad exchanges, supply side platforms, and ad networks - which enables us to maximize fill rates and CPMs. By providing you with greater exposure to a wide range of ad providers, we outperform even the most sophisticated revenue strategy for display advertising.
No. You can run ads from other ad networks in addition to Altitude Digital. Our model is designed to work alongside your revenue strategy whether or not that includes other ad networks or your own direct sales capabilities.
Altitude Digital uses the best technology available to make it easy for you to install and manage ad placements. We offer full reporting transparency on ad performance, flexible ad delivery options, no upfront commitments or restrictive contracts, and the best support in the business.
Publishers can always provide Altitude Digital with specific blocklist of advertisers and verticals to be excluded.
No. We already block non-brand safe ads that include firearms, tobacco, adult, auto audio creatives and the like. In addition, you can always tailor the block list for your audience.

Installing Altitude Digital Ads

Altitude Digital maintains a high level of quality sites for our advertisers to place ads on. All websites are reviewed by a member of our ad ops team for approval into our network. If your site doesn’t meet certain criteria we will contact you with the reason why it was declined. If you disagree with our assessment, please contact our Ad Operations Team to follow up. Many advertisers only want a unique reader to see the same ad a few times within a set period of time. Common frequency caps are three impressions per each unique reader in 24hrs. For the publisher this means you want to find the best ad targeting possible to maximize the revenue you receive within the frequency cap.
All sites go through a manual review process before they are allowed to display on Altitude Digital. The process can take up to 48hrs before your site gets reviewed. If you don’t see an Altitude Digital ad after 48hrs, please check your email to make sure your site was approved and/or contact our Ad Operations Team.
Once you install your ad tag(s), we will start serving ads from our different RTBs, DSP’s and exchanges. As we learn more about your audience, we will begin to include your site on more premium campaigns.
Traditionally we offer three IAB-standard display ad units: a 728x90 Standard Banner; a 160x600 Wide Skyscraper; and a 300x250 Medium Rectangle.
Altitude Digital allows you to create as many ad tags as you want or need for your website. The ad tags should be installed in a prominent location for optimal visibility and engagement. We recommended you only install one unique size per page and place the ad tag near the top of the page to maximize your ad revenue. We suggest 3-5 ad tags per page.
We make it easy. Just go to our main navigation and click on the Get Started link. From there you will be asked to create a customized account. You will also have the option to create some default tags using our basic options. You will see Altitude Digital "house" ads display in those ad tags until your website is approved. Every site submitted to us for advertising is reviewed by one of our Altitude Digital Ad ops team members to ensure quality sites for our advertisers. This process can take up to 48hrs to ensure the best level of quality. If you experience any issues signing up please contact our Ad Operations Team.

Managing Ads

Synchronous tags do not use an iframe and load right on the page, they are only recommended if you’re using Google AdSense tags as a passback. Asynchronous tags load the ad in an iframe. That allows for the Web page to load faster, reduces fairly common ad display issues and improves your reader’s experience.
We can support blocklists for ad types and advertisers. If you’re interested in setting up a blocklist, please contact adops@altitudedigitalpartners.com.

Payment Questions

Generally speaking most of our accounts are paid out on a minimum $250 on net 60 payment terms. Unless otherwise specified you will receive payment every time your account reaches the $250 payout minimum 60 days after the end of that month. For example, if you earn $190 in March and $160 in April your earning totals will be calculated by April 30th and you will be paid $350 60 days from April 30th.
A minimum of $250 is required to receive payment. All payments are made either via PayPal, ACH, bank wires or standard bank check.