Crushing Campaign Performance

Top brands and advertisers use Altitude Digital ARENA™ to deliver wildly successful campaigns. Buying through our advertiser network allows you to create a brand-safe community that drives optimal engagement through quality publishers across the web.

Audience is Everything

The goal is simple, advertisers want to reach the the right audience at the right time across any screen. Altitude ARENA™ provides advertisers access to over 400M impressions per day, and from a premium network, providing more than 12 billion impressions per month. Advertisers can access over 200 of the world’s top 500 websites and tap into the world’s fastest growing video marketplace. In fact, 1 in 6 video ad impressions are from Altitude Digital.

Hit the Bullseye

Altitude ARENA™ delivers highly targeted campaigns through partnerships with leading data providers. Additionally, advertisers have 100% transparency including performance breakdowns based on impressions and frequency, site level impressions, View-Through Rate (VTR), Click-Through Rate (CTR), viewability, and Designated Marketing Area (DMA). Through our video targeting, advertisers not only reach target audiences but also increase effectiveness and engagement.

We Won’t Make You Look Bad

We are committed to providing advertisers with the highest level of brand protection. First, we’ve built a brand safe and transparent marketplace through a rigorous publisher qualification and screening process. Second, our platform scans every page in real-time to block content that isn’t brand-approved. Third, our platform analyzes time-spent data, interaction and engagement to protect against fraud. Finally, as a final layer of protection, our ad operations team reviews placements and oversee a third-party media verification service.

Seeing is Believing

Altitude provides above the fold, certified viewability at no cost to agencies. Eliminating non-viewable ads improves engagement and campaign effectiveness. We have partnered with Nielsen to provide OCR (Online Campaign Ratings) for in-target guarantees. The bottom line is; if they don’t see it, you don’t pay for it.

People Before Programmatic

Programmatic platforms don’t build relationships, people do. Behind our technology platform you’ll find talented and fun people committed to delivering successful campaigns. Go ahead, get started today or reach us anytime at 303-292-1414.


Video is the most effective medium to target audiences online. Altitude has partnered with quality publishers that allow you create a brand-safe community.


Advertisers can run standard IAB banners, rich media and video formats. Campaigns can be targeted across the entire network, content channels, or individual sites.


Target your mobile audience by phone manufacturer, carrier, geo-location, keywords, gender and age.