We Built our Business for Publishers

We get it; publishers demand high fill rates, lean operations costs, no channel conflicts and soaring revenues for both video and display inventory. That’s why leading publishers trust Altitude Digital to optimize and streamline their business online. Our Supply Side Platform, Altitude ARENA™, maximizes the value of publisher inventory through real-time competition and optimization. When the demand partners compete, publishers win.

Make it Rain

Altitude ARENA™ enables publishers to increase CPMs and fill rates through Altitude ARENA’s real-time revenue optimization engine. With revenue shares or high floor CPMs for premium inventory, publishers have multiple options to monetize inventory at competitive rates.

A Video is Worth 10,000 Words (and Dollars)

Video is the absolute fastest way to amplify publishers’ revenue potential. Advertisers understand the value of video and are looking for quality publishers with premium content. Altitude’s APEX™ Video Player gives publishers a true turnkey solution to deliver and monetize video content. Our complete video solution allows publishers, with or without video on their site, access to quality, relevant content and monetization through Altitude ARENA™.

Keep it Simple

We simplify ad operations for publishers by providing a single solution for your video, display and mobile optimization. Detailed reporting gives publishers peace of mind and 100% transparency.

We Won’t Make You Look Bad

Altitude ARENA™ has extensive brand protection and ad filtering tools to keep your brand safe and your audience loyal. Our platform prevents channel conflict and cannibalization of your lucrative direct deals.

People Before Programmatic

Programmatic platforms don’t build relationships, people do. Behind our technology platform you’ll find talented and fun people committed to delivering successful campaigns. Go ahead, get started today or reach us anytime at 303-292-1414.